Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Museum Ship Weekend Revisited

In July, I attended the Texas City hamfest put on the the Tidelands Amateur Radio club, TARS.  I think this year was the 20th year for the hamfest.
While there, I ran into some of the group from BVARC, the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club.  They are the group that activated the USS Stewart and the USS Cavala for at least the last two years of the Museum Ship Weekend.
Bill was kind enough to give me copies of the qsl cards that were used for this years activation.
I want to share those cards with you. 

The radio room on the sub is incredibly small.

So, if you did not have a chance to work either the USS Stewart or the Cavalla this year, these are the cards.  If all goes as planned, you should have the opportunity to work them next year.

73, Good DX, and Good Propagation
Leslie, AD5WB
Galveston Island, Texas

Saturday, August 6, 2011

logs updated and qsl request

All logs updated through July 31.
Will start responding to qsl card requests next week.
If you need a card from NA-143 please read the qsl information on my page at qrz.com.

Very 73 and good dx
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iota Continued

Well, the contest is over.  It was fun.  I operated until around 2:00 AM local time.
My receive antenna was part of what was causing the rfi.  It was so bad, even with the coax choke, that the antenna was unusable.  A shame.  The idea of the antenna was to lower the static level on 40 meters.  The static at night on my vertical on 40 meters was s7 - 9.  I did not make as many contacts on 40 this year with island stations as I did last year.  I could not hear them.
Overall, I made more contacts this year but fewer with island stations.
I will find out in a few months how I did.
Of course I need to turn in my log first!

What next?  the Hawaii QSO party  at the end of August.

73 and good dx
Leslie AD5WB
Galveston Island, Texas

I actually heard the ST0R group fairly loud last evening, on 20 meters.
Wish they were that loud tonight, HI