Friday, November 2, 2012

A Sleep at the Mike

Last night I worked Reunion Island on 20 meters.  So today, while calling a station in Togo on 12 meters, I was looking at a map online to verify where Reunion Island is located.  Of couse I was day dreaming and calling the Togo station at the same time. 
Don't you know, he came back to me and before i could get out of daydream and respond he moved on and then went QRT 3 calls later.  HI
Teach me to daydream!
I have worked Togo on a few bands but not on 12 meters.  So, it would have been a band fill, not an all time new one.  Still, I am dissapointed in myself.  This guy has been there are almost two weeks, and this was the first time I heard him.  He goes QRT on 11/4.  I have company at the house until then.  So...
Maybe next time.

73 and good dx
Leslie, ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas