Saturday, November 30, 2013

updates to my ham radio hobby

My last entry in this blog was right after the 2013 Museum Ships Weekend in early June.  Shortly after that, my family and I moved off the island (Galveston Island) and onto the mainland.  We now live in League City, Texas.  I kept my station, on the island, on the air until the last moment.  My last contact from Galveston Island, NA-143, was on June 27.  K4IMB, Doug was my last contact.  Thank you Doug!  We moved on June 28.

I set my station up, on July 19.  I am still operating with a temporary station at my new qth.  I currently run an IC-7600 into an ALS-600, (currently in the shop) which feeds a Transworld 10-20 meter vertical.  I have to pull the antenna coax and antenna control cable through the window when I wish to get on the air.  HI!  No 40 meters yet.My first contact was with a state side special event station, W2R.  My first dx, July 19, was TR8CA, Alain, in Gabon.  It was not my first time to work Alain.  But, perhaps my most pleasurable.  It was good to know that even with my temporary set up I could work dx!

It has been a transition.  I have never known ham radio without living on the island.  My introduction to vhf and hf was grounded around being on NA-143.  I truly enjoyed putting the island out.

I have permission from the HOA to install my BigIr vertical, if I can get the neighbors permission.  I have 1 of 2 signatures.  I hope to start on the install before years end.  This go round, I will add the 80 meter coil, to the BigIr.  I hope in the next 30 days or so to be QRV 80 - 6 meters.

I will add more updates regarding the contest season and more to this blog in the near future.

I hope to work you on the bands.
73 and good dx
Leslie, ad5wb