Sunday, October 31, 2010

old computers and logging programs

Last weekend, October 23 and 24, I participated in the US/VE Island QSO party.  I usually do this contest every year.  It is fun to put the island on the air.  Some of the pileups were pretty good, especially on 20 meters on Sunday morning.  As, usual I could not operate all the hours of the contest, but it was a lot of fun, none the less.
As I looked at my records and reconciled my log, I realized that my primary online logs had been searched by people I had worked in the contest before I had a chance to upload my logs.
If it is an ongoing or recent (1 or 2 days after) contest and you search my log and do not find your contact with me, be patient.
My computer is real old and it does not run my primary/everyday logger well in a contest setting.  It can run it, it just does not do so fast enough.
I usually use n1mm logger for contests.  This year for the US IOTA contest I used Genlogger.  Both of these programs present a small load to my computer and this is important in a contest type setting.
I hope I had a chance to work you.  EQSL is updated as is my hrdlog.  I still need to upload to club log and lotw.  Keep in mind that four letter work still gets in the way of life!
I hope to meet you on the air.
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

why so many logs?

When I looked at my last post, I said to myself, I bet people wonder why I have so many logs.  So, I thought I would answer that question even before someone asks me.

Log Book of the World is absolutely great for awards issued by the ARRL.  The down side is it is not searchable by anyone other than ARRL staff members and the person that generates the log.  I do have to generate a file and upload to the LOTW website for it to be entered into the program.

EQSL is very workable and easier to use with my primary logging program than LOTW.  As I enter qso's in my logger they are automatically uploaded to EQSL.  EQSL does work for some awards from CQ.  People often criticize EQSL saying that there is no security.  They get qsl's from people they never made contact with.  Well, this happens via the US postal system too.  When it does, you send it back, not in my log.  Simple. 

Clublog provides a means from me to track my contacts by zone, band, dxcc, and more.  It is searchable so someone can search and make sure they are in the log before they send their card.  Saves money and time for all.

Hrdlog allows access to my complete log.  This means that anyone can look at any contact I made under my regular callsign. 

I state that because I operate a special event station once a year with a 1 x 1 callsign.  The database for that callsign is on clublog.

I upload my log to qrz just because.  Because it is there.  Maybe in time I will get more involved with that log book but for right now I upload it because.

One thing i will say is that I am grateful to have the opportunity to have my log in multiple places.  One never knows when the next computer crash will occur and where.

Until next time.
I hope to meet you on the air.
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas
Look for me on the air this weekend with the US Islands QSO party.

qrz; lotw, clublog, eqsl and

Monday, October 18, 2010


I have updated all logs through 10/17/10.
This includes: qrz; lotw, clublog, eqsl and
Eqsl and are realtime.  When I enter the qso in my log it gets uploaded.
You can view my hrdlog at:  AD5WB log at ham radio deluxe log on line

until next time.
hope to meet you ont he air soon.
leslie, ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I uploaded my logs through 10-10-10 to LOTW and club log this morning 10/12/10.  They should be posted soon.

Received preliminary report from IOTA contest.  Overall I am real pleased at how I did.  The Adjudication report was quite interesting to examine.  I saw where my dyslexia cost me several qsos.   And where being tired also cost me some points.  Overall there were 13 qso's that were disallowed.  I knew that I had mistakes on two from doing my log reconciliation.
I am really glad I got to see the report.  It helps me to understand how the scoring is done and where I need to improve.  The preliminary report shows; if all my qsos had been allowed I would have been 6th in my category.  Instead, I am 11th.  But  overall, I am really happy with how I did.
With my present station and set up, I will never be a real serious "contender" but I can be a half way big player.  I am happy to have the opportunity to do so.
I wish to thank the RSBG IOTA contest committee for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

Uploaded my log and summary sheet to the TXQSO party people.  The contest was fun.  I am glad I worked it even if I did not get to operate all hours.

Hope to meet you on the air
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston, Island, Texas

Saturday, October 9, 2010

propagation and dx

This morning 15 meters was wide open.  And there not many people on.  I was fortunate and made contact with TK7KA in Turkey on SSB.  This was my first contact with Turkey.  Wow.  Low sunspot numbers.  Everyone complaining about no dx and boom I make contact with Turkey.
I will admit that I had my little ALS 600 screwed up as high as I could.  But, I don't have a beam.  I made contact using a vertical, A BigIr by Steppir.  Yes, I had the antenna in 3/4 wave mode, but.....
As I thought about this contact this afternoon it prompted me to scan my log and see what other dx I have worked in the last couple of weeks.  So....... here is the list.  It is not here to brag but to say that there is dx if we work it. Keep in mind I work so I don't have all day and all weekend to sit and play radio.  Though I will say my wife is kind and lets me work some of the contests if I ask nicely HI HI.  Sometimes the contacts are not pretty; this morning the station in Turkey was not moving the needle and there was deep QSB that would totally take him out.  But we made contact and exchanged reports.
The list, all contacts by phone
date                utc             band                          dx                                  call
9/22             0404             7 mhz                   French Polynesia             FO8RZ     
9/25             1742           21 mhz                   Slovak Republic              OM3DX
9/25             1745           21 mhz                   South Africa                    ZS1ZY
9/25             1927           21 mhz                   Zimbabwe                       Z21BB
9/25             2025           14 mhz                   Poland                             SP5BR
9/25             1307           21 mhz                   Italy                                 IZ6BVX
9/25             1355           21 mhz                   Qatar                               A71CT
9/25             1627           21 mhz                   Wales                              MW0ZZK
9/25             1637           21 mhz                   Costa Rica                       TI3/W7RI
9/26             1917           14 mhz                   Bulgaria                            LZ5R
9/26             1952           14 mhz                   Fed. Rep. of Germany      DL7OK
9/26             2051           21 mhz                   Falkland Islands               VP8LP
9/26             2315           14 mhz                   Antartica                          VP8DMH
10/2             0340              7 mhz                  South Africa                     ZS3D
10/2             1339            14 mhz                  Ukraine                            US0LW
10/2             1648            21 mhz                  Corsica                            TK5EP
10/2             1919            21 mhz                  New Zealand                   ZM4T
10/2             2052            14 mhz                  Australia                          VK7ZE
10/2             2123             21 mhz                 Australia                          VK4KW
10/3             1656             18 mhz                 Lithuania                          LY5A
10/3             2041             18 mhz                 French Guiana                 FY1FL
10/3             2048             21 mhz                 St. Helena                       ZD7FT
10/7             1254             14 mhz                 European Russia              RA3QPY
10/9             1308             21 mhz                 Turkey                             TA7KA
10/9             1309             21 mhz                 France                             F8KHF
 Not bad for casual operations. Part of the contacts on the 25th and 26th were made during the Texas QSO Party, so I did have some extended operating time there.  There are some contacts in my log that are not in this list.
I don't have hundreds of feet of radials for my vertical, I live in a suburb with a small back yard and the antenna is installed in a garden bed next to wood privacy fence.
As stated earlier, the purpose of this list is to show that you can work dx even in less than optimum conditions.  Note how many of the contacts were made on 15 meters.  Supposedly the upper bands should not be providing much dx with the solar cycle as it is but as you can see it is alive and doing quite well.  I would be foolish if I did not admit that much of my success is due to the other operators antenna.  With my vertical there is little help for my signal.  So......... to everyone who pulled me out; my heartfelt thanks
until next time
73 and good dx
Leslie AD5WB
Galveston Island, Texas

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TX QSO Party and blog updates

As I noted the other day the Texas QSO Party was held a couple of weekends ago.
I finished my summary sheet last evening and here are my results:
I made 617 contacts, not counting dupes. The contacts were distributed in the following ways:
7 mhz = 193
14 mhz = 374
21 mhz = 46
28 mhz = 2
50 mhz = 2
All contacts were on phone.
I contacted 77 counties in Texas, 44 states and 24 dxcc entities.  I contacted one mobile station in six counties.  I contacted a maritime mobile station on 5 different bands.
If all holds and my scoring is correct I should have 179,430 points for my efforts.  As I stated the other day, I did not operate all of the contest hours.  But, it was fun.  At times the pile ups were good.  At times propagation was very good.
Well there you have it my experience this year in the TXQSO Party or TQP as some refer to it.


You may have noticed that I have installed a flag counter on the blog.  I figure that we talk around the world so why not have the ability to see who comes to visit my little electronic corner of the world.  I also installed a link to my logbook.  This gives the ability for someone to search my log by call sign to see if they are in my log.  I hope to have the logbook for special event station N5I online soon.

Until next time:

Very 73 and good dx
Leslie AD5WB
Galveston Island, Texas

Monday, October 4, 2010

texas qso party

Well, the TX qso party was held the weekend after I set up this blog.  I did not operate all the hours of the contest but had a lot of fun none the less.  I operated as a single operator - phone station.  The bands were not great but at least this year I did feel like I should go see if someone stole my antenna while I was operating.  There were some very nice sporadic dx openings during the contest and I must admit I took advantage of them, including one contact to Zimbabwe.
I am currently working on the summary sheet for my log.  I hope to finish it this week.
When I do i will update the blog on my information.
I hope soon to have my logs on line as I mentioned in my first post.
Until then, I hope to meet you on the air.
very 73
leslie ad5wb