Monday, November 15, 2010

amplifer woes

Well it happened.  My amplifier decided to quit working.  Or to be more accurate it quit working at full capacity..  My transceiver still works appropriately but the amp does not.
For a long time as the band conditions went down hill I resisted the idea of an amp.  I bought the amp a couple of years ago, in desperation I suppose.  I bought a used ALS-600 with switching power supply.  It has done me very well.
It has run all day and night long in contests without a whimper. 
With my present antenna set up:  BigIr vertical sitting on top of 335 square feet of overlapping strips of hardware cloth that are tied together with 700 foot of wire, my station talks well.  I have used a Pro II with the the amp and it has been a fantastic experience.
But, it may well be a while before I get the amp fixed.  Conditions are getting better and I have other expenses, related to Hurricane Ike to take care of.  So.............
Amplifier woes!

73 and good propagation
I look forward to meeting you on the air!
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

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