Sunday, December 12, 2010

updates to ham radio life

It has been a while since I made any entries in the blog of my ham radio life.  Work has been busy and life has been busy.  There has even been one weekend without (gasp) any radio at all!
But there have been highlights in my little world of ham radio.

The ZL8X dxpedition to to Raoul Island/Kermadec Islands occurred, it is over now.  I was fortunate to have been able to work them on four bands.  With 100 watts and vertical I can only say that they had some real good ears!

I am trying again to make contact with Masa, JO3AXC.  We have had an on again, off again sked for some time now.  We have never been successful in establishing two way contact.  He had heard me at least once fairly well but so far we have not spoken to each other.  But, conditions are improving and there is hope for the future.

As I write this the ARRL  10 meter contest is ongoing.  I have worked about 85 or 90 stations but the pickings are slim!  Lots of qsb, maybe poor participation, and I must admit that I am not the serious about this contest.  It is hard to be enthusiastic when you call for 10 or 15 minutes with no responses.  It truly is enough to make you wonder if the antenna is still there.  It is, thankfully, HI!

I am still getting some qsl cards in from the summer contest season and the N5I special event station.  I am a month behind in sending out qsl requests of my own.

Through work I had an interview with the Houston Chronicle regarding ham radio.  They got some things wrong but none the less it was an honor to represent ham radio.  If anyone is interested the article should be at the following URL:

Well 10 meters is starting to open up.  So I am going to see if I can pick up a few more contacts for the contest.

73 and good dx
Hope to meet you on the air
Leslie, ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

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