Friday, December 24, 2010

contest season

The contest season for me is, for all practical purposes, over. 
I normally participate, in a major way, in three contests:  The IOTA contest, the Texas QSO Party and the W/VE Island qso party.  So far it has been a good season for me.  My best yet, in fact.  Much of this is due to the current antenna installation and the amplifier I ran, until it broke.  (See amplifiers woes).
In the IOTA contest, I came in 11th overall in my class: high power, single op, unassisted, 12 hour, phone.  This is much better than I did previously when I was in the middle of the pack.  I think this result is as much install, as mentioned above, and strategy.  I chose my working hours carefully.  Still there is great room for improvement in this contest.
In the Texas Qso Party, I came in 3rd in my class:  single op, high power, phone, fixed, in state.  This is by far my best showing in this contest.  I knew, or felt that I did good, but I was still surprised to see the results.
In the w/ve qso party, we are still waiting on the results.  I can only say it was a good time.  And, I did much better than last year.  The pile up on 20 meters, on Saturday (I think), was pretty good at times.
If you read this blog, you will know that I also made a half effort at the ARRL ten meter contest this month (December, 2010).  I do not know when the results from this contest will be released.  I can only say that propagation to Galveston Island was not that grand!
Well there we go.
The contest season in a nutshell.  I am sure you have noticed that the major contests are not listed.  This is because I do not really participate in them.  I will call people to give them contacts/points but these contests require more of a commitment than I can give.  So for now the contests listed above are my major contests.
Wishing you all:  73 ya'll and good propagation
Hope to meet you on the bands
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

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