Wednesday, October 20, 2010

why so many logs?

When I looked at my last post, I said to myself, I bet people wonder why I have so many logs.  So, I thought I would answer that question even before someone asks me.

Log Book of the World is absolutely great for awards issued by the ARRL.  The down side is it is not searchable by anyone other than ARRL staff members and the person that generates the log.  I do have to generate a file and upload to the LOTW website for it to be entered into the program.

EQSL is very workable and easier to use with my primary logging program than LOTW.  As I enter qso's in my logger they are automatically uploaded to EQSL.  EQSL does work for some awards from CQ.  People often criticize EQSL saying that there is no security.  They get qsl's from people they never made contact with.  Well, this happens via the US postal system too.  When it does, you send it back, not in my log.  Simple. 

Clublog provides a means from me to track my contacts by zone, band, dxcc, and more.  It is searchable so someone can search and make sure they are in the log before they send their card.  Saves money and time for all.

Hrdlog allows access to my complete log.  This means that anyone can look at any contact I made under my regular callsign. 

I state that because I operate a special event station once a year with a 1 x 1 callsign.  The database for that callsign is on clublog.

I upload my log to qrz just because.  Because it is there.  Maybe in time I will get more involved with that log book but for right now I upload it because.

One thing i will say is that I am grateful to have the opportunity to have my log in multiple places.  One never knows when the next computer crash will occur and where.

Until next time.
I hope to meet you on the air.
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas
Look for me on the air this weekend with the US Islands QSO party.

qrz; lotw, clublog, eqsl and

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