Sunday, October 31, 2010

old computers and logging programs

Last weekend, October 23 and 24, I participated in the US/VE Island QSO party.  I usually do this contest every year.  It is fun to put the island on the air.  Some of the pileups were pretty good, especially on 20 meters on Sunday morning.  As, usual I could not operate all the hours of the contest, but it was a lot of fun, none the less.
As I looked at my records and reconciled my log, I realized that my primary online logs had been searched by people I had worked in the contest before I had a chance to upload my logs.
If it is an ongoing or recent (1 or 2 days after) contest and you search my log and do not find your contact with me, be patient.
My computer is real old and it does not run my primary/everyday logger well in a contest setting.  It can run it, it just does not do so fast enough.
I usually use n1mm logger for contests.  This year for the US IOTA contest I used Genlogger.  Both of these programs present a small load to my computer and this is important in a contest type setting.
I hope I had a chance to work you.  EQSL is updated as is my hrdlog.  I still need to upload to club log and lotw.  Keep in mind that four letter work still gets in the way of life!
I hope to meet you on the air.
Leslie ad5wb
Galveston Island, Texas

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