Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TX QSO Party and blog updates

As I noted the other day the Texas QSO Party was held a couple of weekends ago.
I finished my summary sheet last evening and here are my results:
I made 617 contacts, not counting dupes. The contacts were distributed in the following ways:
7 mhz = 193
14 mhz = 374
21 mhz = 46
28 mhz = 2
50 mhz = 2
All contacts were on phone.
I contacted 77 counties in Texas, 44 states and 24 dxcc entities.  I contacted one mobile station in six counties.  I contacted a maritime mobile station on 5 different bands.
If all holds and my scoring is correct I should have 179,430 points for my efforts.  As I stated the other day, I did not operate all of the contest hours.  But, it was fun.  At times the pile ups were good.  At times propagation was very good.
Well there you have it my experience this year in the TXQSO Party or TQP as some refer to it.


You may have noticed that I have installed a flag counter on the blog.  I figure that we talk around the world so why not have the ability to see who comes to visit my little electronic corner of the world.  I also installed a link to my logbook.  This gives the ability for someone to search my log by call sign to see if they are in my log.  I hope to have the logbook for special event station N5I online soon.

Until next time:

Very 73 and good dx
Leslie AD5WB
Galveston Island, Texas

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